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Input focus will remain on the current control until the user changes the data to a valid input.

If you assigned Enable Allow Focus Change, the Validated event will not occur when you cancel the event, but focus will still change to the next control.

The explicit validation approach validates data at one time.

You can validate the data in response to a user action, such as clicking a Save button or a Next link.

The implicit validation approach validates data as the user enters it.

You can validate the data as the data is entered in a control by reading the keys as they are pressed, or more commonly whenever the user takes the input focus away from one control and moves to the next.

When the user action occurs, you can trigger explicit validation in one of the following ways: However, in some cases, you might want to let the user close the form regardless of whether the values in the controls are valid.

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In addition, modal forms do not validate the contents of controls when they are closed.The Format event on a data binding can be used to reformat incoming data to comply with the mask, and the Parse event can be used to reformat outgoing data to comply with the specifications of the data field. If you want full programmatic control over validation, or need to perform complex validation checks, you should use the validation events built into most Windows Forms controls.Each control that accepts free-form user input has a Validating event that will occur whenever the control requires data validation.When users enter data into your application, you may want to verify that the data is valid before your application uses it.You may require that certain text fields not be zero-length, that a field be formatted as a telephone number or other type of well-formed data, or that a string not contain any unsafe characters that could be used to compromise the security of a database.

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