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(This isn’t the WWE.)OR just choose your very best photo, regardless of the situation — a photo that shows the real you and makes you feel good about yourself and what you're projecting.6.Choose Your Profile Pic Wisely — And Leave It For A While You want potential dates to see a glimpse of the best version of you, but changing your profile picture every three days sounds the insecurity alarm. That's pretty much a guarantee, especially if you're a woman. Even though you think it's cute, it screams "I have no friends," and "I'm a reclusive shut-in."3. Avoid mirror selfies (and maybe selfies in general). You can get away with no smiles in one of your pictures, but a smile definitely goes much further.It also gives the viewer a hint of what a great time they would have if they went out with you! Always Include An Action Shot Someplace Outdoors This shows you get out, enjoy life and are comfortable with your body.

Except riding tandem in Italy with this guy," she says, gesturing to her husband on the sidelines.

It’s all about creating a visually engaging showcase on dating sites that demonstrates how wonderful of a catch you are. Only Use Between Three And Five Photos Too much of a good thing is not recommended. Since you probably got dressed up for these, it adds another dimension to the multi-faceted person that is you.

Guys are visual, and, unfortunately, some men don’t bother to give the words in your profile more than a glance anyway.2. Include A Photo From An Event(Don't choose anything too stiff, though.) This shows you have a life and adds social context.

But the genre looks quite different at the Salisbury Community School gym every Thursday night.

The weekly rehearsals for Maiden Vermont, an Addison County-based barbershop chorus, draw more than 40 women of all ages.

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