Problems updating avg 7

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Whenever I press the settings button in the lower right corner (windows 8) it just closes and nothing happens.When I go to the "This PC" tab it takes about a minute to show my drives and folders.AVG offers instructions here AVG causes intermittent Not Responding in Windows 10.[36] Mc Afee has had major problems with Thunderbird over the years, causing crashes and poor performance, "Not Responding", "Unresponsive Script", and other issues.If none of the above helps and you suspect Mc Afee is the cause then you may need to remove Mc Afee using the Mc Afee Consumer Products Removal tool, and seek different antivirus software.My theory is this: It looks like Thunderbird 3.0.0 and above generates a huge number of file open, seek or read events causing the virus scanner to scan the mailbox files over and over again.

I have tried doing a system restore to a point of a few days ago but after the restart it says that the restore failed and that my C:/ drive may be corrupted (I don't think that it is, I still have all my files and folders and can access it easily).

I have tried to do a windows 8 repair from the disc but when I enter my product key the program becomes unresponsive.

I have done a full computer virus scan which showed nothing.

To test whether Antivirus or Anti-Malware software is causing a problem, you must disable the software temporarily or run Windows in safe mode.

Permanent solutions might require you to disable parts of the software, change to different software, or exclude Thunderbird profile folder locations from scanning.

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