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Often teens are testing limits, and exploring what is OK to do when one is romantically attracted to a boy or girl.

We discuss this in our book, including ways that parents can both prevent and deal with sexting when it happens. It can be tempting to try to keep kids away from the Internet at young ages.

Otobo using the media and members of her family to ridicule her position. After agreeing to do so before his large congregation, he backtracked and instructed his lawyers to file N1billion suit against Ms.

Megan Moreno: There are definitely teens out there who choose to stay away from social media, and they do just fine.

Our book has a chapter on cyberbullying, it includes some conversation starters to use with teens about this topic.

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If your teen argues that she or he "needs" a phone, it is good to be reminded that this doesn't mean that you have to buy the newest i Phone, or any phone at all.

It does mean that it's a good time to discuss pros/cons of phones and how to use them safely.

Some parents have established a set of skills that the teen must have before getting a phone, kind of like when a young child asks for their first pet and needs to demonstrate they are responsible enough to handle it. Megan Moreno: Thanks for bringing up this app, it is a tough one to be sure.

It is a risky site because it promises something it can't deliver, and can encourage reckless behavior.

We've found that many teens are less enthusiastic about it once they hear about posts going viral. Megan Moreno: This is really difficult, and a very common experience.

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