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The Runnymede Trust was commissioned to carry out an evaluation of a pilot schools project introducing the history of the partition of British India to school students.Our report charts opportunities and challenges in teaching this history and serves as a case study for future projects. The Partition History Project exists to raise awareness and deepen public understanding, in Britain, of the historical circumstances surrounding the Partition of India in 1947, and the subsequent consequences of mass migration, displacement and terrible loss of life.The most spectacular examples are found in Altimera in Spain and Lascaux and Chauvet in France.

The dancing women may have some ancient religious or cosmological significance, Pettitt said.

HERE’S A CHILL IN THE AIR—Jack Frost is indeed nipping.

It’s December in Somerset, definitely weather that calls for gloves, hat and scarf.

Famous for :- * golf * the 3rd oldest university in the Britain (dating from 1410) * a cathedral dating from 1160 that houses the relics of St.

Andrews * a castle (first dating is around 1200) * and our lovely beaches You are viewing the text version of this site.

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